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Save Girl in Slogans

Save Girl Slogans in Hindi – बेटी बचाओं पर नारे

Slogan on save girl child in Hindi

  1. चाहे मुन्ना चाहे मुनिया, एकही बच्चे की प्यारी दुनिया।
  2. खुशहाल बालिका भविष्य देशका।
  3. दहेज़ लेना देना सामाजिक अपराध है।
  4. बेटी है तो कल है।
  5. बेटी हैं कुदरत का उपहार, जीने का इसको दो अधिकार।
  6. बेटी को मरवाओगे तो दुल्हन कहा से लाओगे।
  7. माँ चाहिए…. पत्नी चाहिए…. बहन चाहिए…. फिर बेटी क्यों नहीं चाहिए ?
  8. बहुत सरल है पेट में करना मुझ पर वार, हिम्मत है तो ए माँ! मुझको पैदा करके मार।
  9. लक्ष्मी-नारायण, राधे-श्याम, सीता-राम, गौरी-शंकर, – जब पुजीनीय भी पहले नारी…. फिर नर, तो फिर क्यों नहीं देते लड़कियों को जन्म का अवसर।
  10. माँ चाहे तो तू मुझे प्यार ना देना, चाहे तो दुलार ना देना, कर सको तो इतना करना जन्म से पहले मुझे मार ना देना।
  11. नारी तूही घर का गहना, तुझमे ही माँ, बीबी और बहना।

Beti Bachao Slogan – Nare

  1. Chahe Munna Chahe Munniya, Aak Hi Bacche Ki Pyari Duniya.
  2. Khushahal Balika Bhavishya Deshka.
  3. Dahej Lena Dena Samajik Aparadh Hain.
  4. Beti Hain To Kal Hain.
  5. Beti Hain Kudarat Ka Upahar, Jine Ka Isako Do Adhikar.
  6. Beti Ko Maronge To Dulhan Kaha Se Laonge ?
  7. Maa Chahiye…. Patni Chahiye…. Bahan Chahiye…. Fir Beti Kyo Nahi Chahiye ?
  8. Bahut saral hain pet me karana mujhapar war, himmat hain to ye maa! mujhako paida karke maar.
  9. Lashmi – Narayan, Radhe – Sham, Sita – Ram, Gauri – Shankar, Jab pujaniy bhi pahale nari… phir nar, to kyo nahi dete betiyo ko janm ka avasar.
  10. Maa chaahe to tu mujhe pyar naa dena, chahe to tu dular na dena, par janm se pahale mujhe maar naa dena.
  11. Nari tu hi ghar ka gahana, tujhame hi maa, bibi or bahna.

Save girl child slogan in English

  • A Daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts.
  • When You Kill A Girl You Kill Many Others.
  • Life Is Beautiful & Fulfilling If Supported By Your Mother, Sister, Wife & Daughter. So Save The Girl Child.
  • No Girl So No Mother ultimately No Life.

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A girl child is as important as a boy child in the life of parents. Both are equally necessary for the existence of life on the earth however we cannot think about the continuity of human life on the earth without a girl child (a future woman). Parents must care and respect their both children (whether a girl or boy) equally without any partiality in all the fields. A mother must give birth to a girl child and never kill her baby girl in the womb.

A mother must be aware about her girl baby and never come in anyone’s talk or social stigma about giving birth to a girl child. She should feel proud to be a mother of girl baby as she herself is a woman and no one can understand better than her.

We have provided below some effective, inspirational and motivational slogans on save girl child to encourage common people. Following save girl child slogans can be used at any related occasion or event celebration to aware and promote people to save girl child.

Slogans on save girl child are the best way to make people aware about the importance of girl child in the society. You can choose any slogan given below according to your need and requirement:

Save Girl Child Slogan

Save girl child, save tomorrow.


Save a girl to save tomorrow.


Save girl child, save future generations.


Save girls child, save life on the earth.


Girls are rock; they give birth to babies in future! Save them.


Girls are reason to continue life on earth. Save girls.


If you kill girls, who will give birth to next generations.


Girls are beautiful creature of God, save them.


If we kill girl child, there will be no girls left in future.


If you kill girls, who will share your problems.


Don’t kill a girl, let her see world.


A girl child is miracle by God on the earth. Save her!


Girls are beautiful nature’s gift, don’t kill them.


You are lucky to have a girl child, never hurt her.


Save girl child and empower them to freely live their life.


A girl child is a future woman, don’t kill her.


A girl child of today is the wife, mother and grandmother of tomorrow. Save her!


Girls are indication of charm, beauty and happiness in this world, save them.


Girls spread happiness in the family, save her.


A girl child is like a bud, let her bloom and be flower of future.


No Girl! No Woman! Thus no life.


If you kill a girl, you kill a woman of future. Who will give birth to you?


Girls are cute little dolls, why you kill them?


Girls are precious pearls; take them out of shell to see the world.


Save a girl child and help her to fly.


A girl completes a family, don’t kill and let her take birth.


Think out of box and save a girl child.


If you kill a girl, you kill the fragrance of life.


Think out of box and open your mind for girls.


A girl child can bring much joy than your baby boy.


A girl child is like a butterfly, she just needs your support and love.


Let your girl child to fly but not to cry!


A girl child is butterfly, let her get out of the cocoon and fly.


Save a girl child to save your existence on this planet.


Don’t kill girl child in the womb, let her take birth.


Girls are pearls; let them shine but not crime against them.


A daughter is link of love in the family, enjoy a life with her!


If you kill a girl, you kill your half power!


If there is a daughter, there is tomorrow!


Save a girl child and let her live with all the rights.

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