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Analysis of Michigan / Ross Essay 1: Introduce yourself to your future Ross classmates in 100 words or less.

Introduce yourself to your future Ross classmates in 100 words or less.

A slightly expanded edition of last year’s prompt asking applicants to introduce themselves, this year’s version specifies an audience: one’s fellow students (rather than the admissions committee).  Still, the major gist and narrow word limit remain, requiring applicants to reflect carefully on the aspects of their backgrounds they most want to highlight.  While a brief mention of your professional background and career goals may be appropriate, we encourage applicants to use this opportunity to showcase elements of their personalities and candidacies that they will not have the chance to address in their responses to the other application essays. Perhaps you have a particularly interesting work or extra-curricular experience to share, or a personal accomplishment or aspect of your heritage of which you’re especially proud. By focusing on a range of qualities and characteristics, this essay will allow applicants to demonstrate the well-rounded nature of their candidacies even within the 100 word limit.

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Michigan Ross School of Business

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Current Applicant Thread:Fall 2012 - Calling All Michigan Ross Applicants

Fall 2012 Application Instructions

Round 1 Deadline: 10/10/2011 | Decision Date: 1/13/2012
Round 2 Deadline: 1/4/2012 | Decision Date: 3/15/2012
Round 3 Deadline: 3/1/2012 | Decision Date: 5/15/2012

Essay 1: Introduce yourself to your future Ross classmates in 100 words or less.
Essay 2: Describe your career goals. How will an MBA from Ross help you to achieve those goals? What is your vision for how you can make a unique contribution to the Ross community? (500 word maximum)
Essay 3: Describe a time in your career when you were frustrated or disappointed. What did you learn from that experience? (500 word maximum)
Essay 4: Select one of the following questions:
  • What are you most passionate about? (300 word maximum)
  • Describe a personal challenge or obstacle and why you view it as such. How have you dealt with it? What have you learned from it? (300 word maximum)

Recommendation Questions (2 recommenders)
  • Please describe your relationship to the applicant, and describe the circumstances under which you have known the applicant.
  • What do you consider the applicant’s primary talents or strengths?
  • In what areas does the applicant need improvement or growth? How would you describe the applicant’s insight into these areas?
  • How do the applicant’s personal or professional characteristics stand out positively or negatively from others in a similar capacity?
  • What one quality of the applicant do you wish all of your staff possessed? If you could change one thing about the applicant, what would it be?
  • Please feel free to provide any other information you think is relevant to our evaluation.

Essay Analysis

GMAT Club Current Students & Alumni
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Class Profile and Program Statistics
Full Time MBA Stats
Length of Program2 Years
Campus LocationAnn Arbor, MI
Average Class Size488
Average Work Experience5 Years
Average Age28
Average GMAT704 (Middle 80%: 650-750)
Average GPA3.4
Endowment$316M (Wikipedia)
GMAT/GREBoth Accepted
Annual Tuition (2010)$50,189 (In-state: $45,189)

Employment Statistics
Median Base Salary: $100,000
Top Industries: Consulting (26%), Financial Services (16%), High Technology (17%)
Top Locations: Midwest (30%), West (20%), Northeast (19%)
Number of students starting their own business: 7 (1.6%)

Top Employers of 2010
# of HiresCompany Name
13McKinsey & Co.
11Deloitte Consulting
6Booz & Co.
6Boston Consulting Group
6Cisco Systems
5Dell, Inc.
5Bain & Co.
5Samsung Global Strategy Group
5PRTM Management Consultants

Curriculum – Notable Features

Multidisciplinary Action Project (MAP)


MAP is a critical component of the Ross MBA.
First year Ross MBA students devote themselves exclusively to MAP for a semester each spring as a requirement of the MBA core curriculum. When selecting MAP projects for our students, we look for outstanding corporate, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit projects both in the U.S. and abroad that require thoughtful and actionable recommendations to address pressing organizational challenges.

MAP delivers data-driven solutions to real business issues.
Each year, we accept MAP proposals from sponsors looking to solve problems, identify new processes, and target opportunities for growth. A MAP team consists of 4–6 Ross MBA students who are guided by faculty advisers. Each project requires analytical rigor, critical thinking, and genuine teamwork. At the end of the project, teams present their analyses and recommendations to their sponsors in both a written report and a final presentation.

Student Led Investment Funds


Wolverine Venture Fund
The $5.5 million dollar Wolverine Venture Fund invests primarily in early stage companies. The Fund is one of the world's first VC funds where students are partners in the investment decision-making process. The Fund's students members seek, screen and negotiate investments and develop significant experience in these areas - and in working with VCs and entrepreneurs. A ten-member advisory board of professional venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, and approximately 28 MBA students participate in managing this multi-million dollar fund.

Frankel Commercialization Fund
The pre-seed Frankel Commercialization Fund places teams of MBAs with University of Michigan researchers. Frankel Fund participants evaluate and invest in early stage entrepreneurial opportunities, and learn about the commercialization evaluation process and how to be a seed investor. Teams work closely with medical and engineering research units and with the Office of Technology Transfer for University-owned ideas in the process of commercialization. The Fund is also supported by an advisory board comprised of individuals who have been successful in developing early-stage companies, markets and technologies.

Social Venture Fund
Launched in September of 2009, the Social Venture Fund (SvF) plans to invest in for-profit social enterprises. The newest of the student-led investment funds, SvF will target and invest in innovative companies that place the generation of a significant social impact at the heart of their mission and way of doing business. SvF aims to support the expansion and proliferation of enterprises that respond to societal needs that would otherwise not be met as effectively or at all by other market players. As the premier student-run social venture fund, SvF aims to optimize the blended value of financial and social returns on investments and to support the educational mission of the Ross School of Business in the areas of socially- and environmentally-driven venture investing and entrepreneurship.

Erb Institute MBA/MS Dual Degree in Global Sustainable Enterprise


MBA/MS Program
The Erb Institute MBA/MS Program at the University of Michigan is a graduate level masters program focused on Global Sustainable Enterprise. Students in the three-year program earn two degrees -- a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business (Ross) and a Master of Science (MS) from the School of Natural Resources & Environment (SNRE).

Institutes and Centers

Joint and Dual Degree Programs (over 20 programs)
  • MS/MBA (Erb Institute)
  • JD/MBA
  • MD/MBA
  • Engineering Dual Degrees
  • Area Studies Dual Degrees
  • Education Dual Degrees
  • …and many others

School & Interview Guides

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Student Blogs
  • Nominate your favorite Ross blog to be listed here!

Comparison Threads

Ross Events


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