Joint Family Advantages Essay Examples

A family when lives together with all family members up to 2nd generation like grand parents, parents, uncle, aunts and their children is called a joint family. The importance of joint family is understood by the Indians since time immemorial.

But while young people are going advanced with their lifestyles, they are shy away from living jointly with their parents and grandparents. These people are usually missed a lot of fun, caring, elder guidance from time to time which causes a lot of problems in the future like loneliness, frustrations, etc.

The importance and value of Joint Family is described below:

  1. In the joint family, all members are equally sharing all expenses, works and other things with the other members of the family so the burden of work will not be felt by any single person.
  2. All children get equal share of love, care, guidance and education by the elder grandparents so that they never miss anything in their whole life. Similarly they can also easily get help from their parents.
  3.  Small children will get teaching guidance from their uncle, aunts, and other family members. The sharing resources with the cousins and sisters help parents to decrease the expenses on their child.
  4. On the eve of big occasions like marriage, birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, etc., the work can easily be shared with all members so that the event will be successful. This will bring down the burden from the parents.

Joint family is better than nuclear family due to the above advantages. But young generations are moving to towns and metro cities for searching of jobs, and then they live there. Due to space crunch in their home, income level and other reasons they can’t live with their parents, grandparents, etc.

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Joint family vs separate family?

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Amir suhail,saysFeb 10, 2018
According to my view nuclear family is better than join bcz if any misunderstanding happened in join family. We cut the relationship and make distance to our parents and elder. If we r living in separate family no any misunderstanding happens,bcz there is no more people to create problems. That's why separate family is better than join family.
Ajit kumar singh,saysJune 18, 2017
In my point of view. joint family is better then single family. Bcoz in joint family children get more attention more freedom. If they trouble any type of prblm then they share ur prblm your family so .I think joint family is better then nuclear family. Bcoz it lot s of member. And it feel very angrejo.
Prakash,saysMay 23, 2017
According to me it's depend upon our mentality. How can we adjust with each other, how can we understandble with each other. Yes joint family has also some good effect. If anything problem comes we can share it, and try to solve with together. where as in nuclear family the whole burden goes to a single person. In joint family our children can get attentions from their parents, grand parents, they never fells alone.
Although somewhere in joint family conflict may occurre. misunderstand leads to dispute. So as a coin has two faces likes wise joint family and single both have good and bad.
Sanjay Nayal,saysMay 22, 2017
In my point of view joint family is good there are many reasons why joint family is good lets take an example, if u have any problem u can solve easily and u will never phase financily problem and u can share your happiest moment with your family member also worst moment and u can more happy with your family member so I think joint family is better than small family.
Assaf khan,saysJan 1, 2015
I think nuclear family is better than joint bcz we can take own decision.
Ikram Ali,saysSep 10, 2014
As per my experience joint family is always better than nuclear family, in the joint family a person can leave there children to their grand mothers when both parents goes to work, children will get knowledge abt good and bad by the big member of family... member in the joint family can never be alone they have some one to talk abt one can share feelings. family is the one of the greatest thing god has given to us one cannot leave there family alone. and live life of luxury & lavishness but empty from inside.
Ramadevi,saysSep 10, 2014
According to my point view, it will depend on our mentality. Some people can adjust with every one. But some people can’t adjust with every one. So according to me sprt fmly is better than join famly. Bcoz, sometimes misunderstands will come bcoz of childrens or anythng. If v r staying sprt fmly our relation will be good and it will stay many days in our hearts.
Ashu,saysAug 20, 2014
At from my point of view the separate family is better than the joint family. Because in separate family we have freedom and we can do anything of our choice but in joint family we can’t do anything of our choice so the separate family is better than a joint family.
Harshit Rastogi,saysMay 01, 2014
It's not my experience but an advice from my side. I think nuclear family is better bcoz having a nuclr famly doesn't mean that we have brokn our relations with our brothers and all that it's just a matter of making one independent and also so that me must not face any prblm in future.
Deepak,saysApr 23, 2014
I think joint family is better than nuclear family because in joint family we can discuss all problom and take better solution.
Reachel,saysApr 20, 2014
In my point of view join family is better than nuclear family because if we have any problem the peoples are helping to slove the problem and we have support and we get a confidence thats why join family is better.
Jatin,saysApr 01, 2014
As per my point of view. I think joint family is better than nuclear family, in joint family we can share our problems in family and our family always give us best solution. In joint family we never feel alone we always in love and masti.
Mahathir,saysMar 11, 2014
Joint family the best advantage is that in case of any problem some one or the other will always be their, they say unity is strength but then the freedom of children is gone if one kid gets an new cycle automaticly the other one will also ack for it and the one who buys it fist will be the spoiler but then the boy who bought it first might really need it. disputes between the family members may create a very bad impact on the children nowdays people like to live ther own life each one of us wants to be the boss or the leader in this case joint family is not going to help us.
Suresh,saysMar 08, 2014
Joint family is better. But when all the benefit of joint family lost. We must go for nucliear family. Nuclier family makes one independent. So whenever all the basic charchter is lost of joint family we must choose nucliear family.
Ashok kumar,saysMar 05, 2014
I think joint family is btr than nuclear family bcs b learn hw to talk h0w to bhave hw to talk in society. lf we have any type of problem then members of family discus on problem and they try to solve problem. one most important things that is we never feel alone. that's why joint family is better than nuclear family.
Varsha, saysFeb 23, 2014
This debate in 21st century is irrelevant. Join family was good in 20th century when people had no acces to information idea nd wisdom. Joint family means supression and killing of individual talent.
Muthu sankari, saysFeb 06, 2014
Joint family is better one but in this stage of the world improvement we have change our life style into seperate one. So we can need or choose nuclear family.
Satish azad, saysFeb 06, 2014
I think nuclear family is better than joint family because in joint family ,we do not get proper privacy.
Renuka nagar, saysFeb 06, 2014
I think nuclear family is more btre bcz we can take own decision and we don’t have to listen to other member. In joint family we have to depend own other and we r not able to take own decision. In nuclear family we dont have to share with our thinks other person. So is better.
Sahithi, saysFeb 02, 2014
As per my point of view, joint family is best to live with. Because in a joint family we will have more people to talk with, to share our feelings, to get rid of loneliness and to compete happily with our cousins. A joint family teaches us how to behave, how to be in our surroundings, and the most important thing we can know the value of unity, one ness feeling. In a joint family we will have many people with different views, different feelings and with different talents all these characterstics in a joint family can lead us to a success path in future as well as present. I know the value of a joint family because i am into a joint family.
Vaishu Pemmaraju, saysJan 24, 2014
Joint family or nuclear family, both have benefits and problems. Its a matter of personal choice and also depends on time. A newly married couple prefer single family but can move back to the parents and siblings when become parents themselves.
Sourabhtomar, saysJan 17, 2014
Accordng to m joint fmly is btr thn nuclr, bcs in jnt famly if i hv any prblm. I hav more people to discs our prblm nd findin slsn. Nd we can enjoy much with brthr sister nd other family member. It is not pssbl in nuclr family.
Palak, saysJan 11, 2014
I think nuclear families are better since there are less quarrels, less financial needs. Also children get more freedom which helps them become better decision maker.
Anjalii, saysDec 29, 2013
In my point of view nuclear family is better tahan joint family czz v al r living in a busy environment workng women or man if tey r cumg frm offic means they need some rest and privacy and a calm surroundg bt it is defntly nt possbl in jnt famy.
Anusha, saysDec 25, 2013
I think joint family better than nuclear family for this new generation.
Sugumar, saysDec 15, 2013
According to me. There is nothing called as joint family or nuclear family. Once a boy and a girls get married, which means they entering to a new life. Were they have so many responsibilities and so on. She has to take care of her parents and he has to take care of his parents. Apart from all these they both has husband and wife has plenty of responsibilities and understandings to happen. My point here is give them there life once they get married. Let them learn to live and achieve there responsibilities and interest as husband and wife. My dear husband and wifes. Kindly understand each other and lead a life accordingly, and dont try to suppress your intrest on the other and give a life to him/her which they don’t desire. Parents are our responsibilities and they remain in our heart. and you do have a life to live, learn and achieve like your parents did so.
Rutuja, saysDec 12, 2013
In my point of view the joint family is better and also separete family. In join family everyone enjoy and love between each other but there is also sometimes fighting between between each other. In separate family as we know the budget of the each thing is very high and in separete family it is managed easily but not possible in joint.
Arthi, saysDec 12, 2013
Life is made up of both up’s and down’s .Likewise joinfamily which has both happiness and sadness. Joinfamily is a boon for the growing children because it is better than single family while they have care and love with each other .
Parveen sharma, saidDec 9, 2013
Joint family is better than single family while they have care and love with each other. But they have fight and quarrel with each other. They move separate from joint family. Joint family have many advantages like the grandparents have many experience and my thought who are beneficial for us when they are share for us.
Nirupam, saidNov 25, 2013
Does Family means Husband, Wife and their children. And grand parents and others left out? So,If one says yes, he suits separate or nuclear family and those who say no is for the joint family which I really think is a family indeed.
Atul kumar singh, saidJun 20, 2013
According to me joint family is best for the proper care of children of the family .in joint family we can learn to work with a team becoz "Ekta me shakti hai" and the aged does not feel joint family is better than single family.
kunal patni, saidJun 20, 2013
In my opinion joint family is much better than the nuclear family.bcoz we can learn more thing from them like- how to behave with others etc.. joint faimly always powerful will know the culture (how to dress & how to talk & hw to behave) in this family fastivals are celebrated very i think joint family is well
Nowadays joint family is very important because so many relations r there.Blood relations must b there. No one can think lonely. they enjoy festivals and so much understandings . Easily solve the problems.they need so many responsibilities r there.The family is wonderful family.
Aditya, saidJun 3, 2013
Nuclear family is a curse.
Joint family not only promotes the feeling of one ness and together ness but also helps one to live in harmony.
Sandeep saini, saidMay 31, 2013
I think joint famly is better becoz in joint family the aged does not feel lonely .they realise that our family is together.ialso live in joint family.
Saurav, saidMay 29, 2013
According to me joined family is much better than nuclear family bcs in joint family we can learn from the parents or grand parents. Also if some problem will happen in our personal as well as professional life, family members will give us lots of support to over come that situation. Also one things I like to mansion is that the people who are belonging in joined family have the mentality to adjust or manage bt the people who r belonging in nuclear family are narrow minded & adjustment power is very low for them & they can't work as a team.
Mukund jha, saidMay 14, 2013
So far as i think in this era evry newly married couple wants to live separate because in joint family everytime we face problems, misundrstng etc. So nuclear family is much better than joint family .
Keshav, saidApr 24, 2013
Joint family is best for the proper care of children of the family ,in joint family grand parents are free and they are eager to give advice o any type of problem and with the help o that we can figure out the solution,Grand parents also take care of children in free time,they teach them our tradition . when our children observe that our parents have respect for their parents and other family member, give values to relations and enjoy the each and every moment then they also get respects to their elder. In joint family we can learn to work with a team,we become adjustable and flexible according to the condition which help us in our career.
Neeraj raturi, saidApr 17, 2013
I think join family is better because we are also love all family member and good respect, they are very happy, good teach and good culture every time more situation all family support.
RD Yadav, saidApr 16, 2013
In my opinion Joint family is much better than the Nuclear family or separate family.
Bcoz we can learn more things from them like,how to behave with others,how to talk with others,positive thinking,care, affection to others etc.
Any problem is happened that time supports the our family(joint).
So joint family is better.
Kratika, saidApr 7, 2013
In my opinion joint family is much better than nuclear family or separate family. In joint family we are secure that of now a days problems are occur and in joint family children adjustment habits are perfect. So joint family is better.
Swetha, saidApr 4, 2013
yes there are advantages from both arranged and love marriages. Arranged marriages are made by our parents obviously they will select best only for us.they will care about us in any matter/problem. advantage of love marriage is there is no dowry and they know about each other likes and dislikes before only.but love marriages are not our indian culture.
Madhuri, saidApr 4, 2013
I think nuclear families are much more better than joint families in today's generation. Now a days people are having difference of opinion which gets clash in a joint family, any day we will fight n be separated so instead of that we can separate happily n come together for special occasions. in that way we will have respect for each other.
Sujata, saidMar 15, 2013
As everything has two sides, both joint n nuclear families have their own advantages n disadvantages. In joint family childs can learn our culture, we can share our problems n take best solution from more options. But beside of that at any day we will fight n be sepsrated so behalf of that we can seperate happily without any fight or sad mind n come together for functions n festivals . So this thing will keep the minds joint n happy.
Shital patil, saidMar 15, 2013
I think joint family is better than single family bcoz in joint family our parents and other aged family members have better experiences about life and they have to faced more good and bad situations so we can learn more from them.
Also in joint family we can get support for us from our family members.
The family members give better decisions about any condition and try to make us happy in any way.
Uday, saidMar 9, 2013
In my opinion joint family is good advantages of joint family
You learn so many things from not only from mother and father but also from grand father and grand mother etc
You will know the culture(how to dress,how to talk,hw to behave etc)
Problems can be solved easily
In any problems there is a support my brother,father,mother,uncle etc
In this family festivals are celebrated very well
Security of the ladies and children is available
Vandana kansal, saidMar 3, 2013
According to my point of view joint family is best than nuclear family because collective faming,collective living and collective sharing in family wealth are traditional features of joint family.
Yashika, saidMar 2, 2013
l think nucler family is best option for growth nd new jonration because if we want to change our society for childeren growth that is difficult for joint family so separate family is nice.
Deepika, saidFeb 26, 2013
My point of view join family is better then nuclear family becos in join family we share our sadness to everyone and they will give lots of ideas and they give energy to us . In join family we give small adjustment means we will happy at end of life. Nowadays no security for ladies and children if we live in join family we get these at all and no fear to go outside. So join family is good.
Pankaj kumar, saidFeb 17, 2013
I think nuclear family is batter for growth because If u want to live peace life with out any disturbance it is possible in nuclear family not in joint family. There are many problem in joint faimly. Ex-misunderstanding, fight. etc
Vino, saidFeb 17, 2013
Joint family is good for facing now a day problems. In joint family the reposiblities are to be shared.
Joint family is better than seprate family becoz joint family member live combine and express many powerful ideas and thought my family is joint family and happy family.
Sarlin, saidFeb 8, 2013
I think joint family is better for now a days for the security of the ladies and children it would be better. For fun and jolly it would be best.
Saurabh tripathi, saidFeb 8, 2013
According to my point of view neclear family is better to joint family.
Balaji.s, saidJan 24, 2013
In my point of view JOINT FAMILY is better than Nuclear Family because joint family has more people so more support in case of crisis.
In joint child learn culture.
Aged parents will not feel lonely.
Amit, saidJan 24, 2013
According to my point of view joint family is too much better than seperate family bocz in joint family a very big problem can be solved in easily manner. Moreover in joint family all members will be enjoyed more with respect to nuclear family at the festival moment. And in joint family child can learn culture.
Avantika, saidDec 24, 2012
I think in 2dayz era ....ol r happy to live in nuclear family...we need privacy ,independent..though have to face some problems..but mainly for us happiness maters ..problems can b faced moreover in the working era... we have no proper tym for us then how we can properly take care of all other members in family...more the people..more the ides.. more the disputes n more is the bad environment.
Deepak funde, saidDec 20, 2012
I thing joint family is too good than seprate family. Because in joint family we can face all types of problem. As like financial problem. I also live in joint family.
Mohan, saidDec 6, 2012
In my point view now a days more peoples thoughts is seperate family oly becas if son married means some days we ll stay in joint family after some time they get fight and seperatig,, So in that first day we have to take seperate and form a sepreate family.. But joint family is very importent beca somedays we want help from there so everyone importent in our life only.
Hema, saidDec 4, 2012
Joint family is good. Because joint family is always filled with happiness. Especialy in festival times. We can face easily the finance problems. Joint family is our culture also. We have best guidence from that.
Ragu, saidNov 27, 2012
In my opinion the join family is better then nuclear family. In nuclear family the parents r going jobs nowadays. After they went outsides some things will happen their childs mean no one can take care abt tat appart from our family members. In case of join family we can avoid those problems. Their parents will take care of their childs.
Vimala, saidNov 7, 2012
Nuclear family is good nowadays....coz availability of joint family is vry is impossible in dis nuclear family d responsibility of one ll increase.
Rajesh Marothia , saidNov 7, 2012
Nuclear femily is better than joint femily because i'm live in metro city then i can easly adjust the thing.but in case of joint femily we can't adjust things easly
jogendra singh godara , saidOct 28, 2012
According to my point of view joint family is perfect because in joint family we learn many things like how to behave with our elders,positive thinking ,care and affection to others, help other person in his bad time.all these good ideas are given by our grandfathers and any aged person in joint family but these all are imposible in nuclear family .
HEMAKANTI , saidOct 16, 2012
I think both joint family and nuclear family is at their stand becoz in joint family everything i.e.woes,problems can tackle easily with full understanding. It is happiest family. In nuclear family also problems can be is best to progress rapidly.
ANAND KUMAR, saidOct 12, 2012
Joint family is better then separate family because there have more then stage for learn about our life, because there have grandfather , grandmother, uncle,father,mother they give good decision.
Ravi charan, saidOct 12, 2012
joint family is better than nuclear family because join family compositing father mother,uncle, child,brother etc. but nuclear family is not possible it shares all the situation.
prashant, saidOct 5, 2012
Joint family is much better than the nuclear family, because in joint every member in the family share the problem,share every everything. So my point of view the joint family is better than the nuclear family.
Nilesh, saidSep 8, 2012
Yes dress is necessary from my point of view because it gives disciplined and professional look. The responsibility IT employees is not less than Army or Police Officers Because,IT Employees also contribute to the developement and Security of the Nation ,and they should be 24×7 hours aware of thier role.
Gaurav Mishra, saidSep 8, 2012
I think nuclear family is best option for growth because if we want to change our society for children growth that is difficult for joint family.
Nina, saidAug 22, 2012
Joint family is better than nuclear family because if we have any problem all the members in the family discuss and solve the problem.
Kamal kant bansal, saidAug 12, 2012
I think joint family is much better than nuclear family. Because in joint family we have enjoy every time with our brother’s & sisiter’s. And at the time of problem all family members get together with every moment. Joint family is always a power full family as a nuclear family.
Sajid Masih, said Jul 30, 2012
Separate family is suits in our society.
There are many disadvantages of joint family.
You won’t having privacy.
You have to cook in large amount.
You have to adjust everyone.
If you want to live peace life without any disturbance.
You have to move separate family.
There are lot of problems, misunderstanding, fight etc. in joint family.
The modern married couples hate to live in joint family.
Sujit Das, saidJun 09,2012
Joint family is better than nuclear family because join family composition father, mother, uncle, child, brother etc but nuclear family is not possible. it shares experience all the situations.
Rohini, saidApril 17, 2012
»  I feel joint family is better than nuclear family.
»  In joint family a children gets more attention form parents and grandparents.
»  Grand parents give us more of a cultural and religious teachings which our parents cant because of their busy schedule.
»  A working women feels easier with joint family as their will be someone or other to look after the children.
»  We never feel alone and will have many people to share our feelings, like our cousins of almost our age.
Suganya, saidMar 7, 2012
I think that joint family is the best. Because in joint family we can share our feelings with all others. Always we’ll be in a happy environment. We could’nt feel lonely. We can get the ability like tolerence, possitiveness, confidence etc..
Sundar, saidFeb 06,2012
Joint family is good.
Varma, saidOct 13,2011
Joint family is not better.

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