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Nerac provides expertise and insights that equip clients with the knowledge to develop or refine a technology, explore market growth opportunities, evaluate intellectual property strategies and respond to medical device regulatory compliance challenges. Nerac serves approximately 5,000 users worldwide and delivers over 12,000 research projects and custom alerts each year. Nerac has a long, successful consulting history in a wide-range of industries with significant expertise and extensive data resources supporting client requests in the areas of technology scouting, IP, medical device, engineering, chemistry and advanced materials.

Technical Expertise Behind Every Project

Nerac analysts help our clients identify emerging trends and technologies, innovative product and technology development opportunities, competitive threats, intellectual property strategies and regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Nerac analysts have earned Ph.D.s in a variety of disciplines including biochemistry, biological engineering, cell & molecular biology, chemical engineering, chemistry, environmental health, mathematics, metallurgy, microbiology, neuroscience, organic chemistry, physics and polymer chemistry.
  • Nerac analysts have earned master’s degrees in technical disciplines that include aerospace engineering, bacteriology, biochemistry, biological science, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, electrical engineering, environmental health, food science, material science, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, nutrition and food, microbiology, organic chemistry, public health, physics and tumor biology.
  • Nerac analysts have earned M.B.A.s in disciplines ranging from finance and international business to operation management and strategic marketing.
  • Nerac’s Intellectual Property analysts include US Patent Attorneys, agents and lawyers.
  • Nerac analysts hold more than 50 patents.
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Click here for a complete listing of Nerac analysts’ full biographies.

Based on client-specific needs and objectives, Nerac provides technical literature and patent reviews, analysis of the results and custom research projects.  Analysts work closely with clients to help address their critical research needs, from everyday problems to larger, strategic corporate challenges.

Nerac analysts merge industry expertise with relevant findings from diverse information sources:

  • An extensive list of A&I databases
  • STN
  • Scopus
  • Patbase
  • Questel
  • Proquest
  • Newsbank
  • Mintel GNPD
  • Pirabase
  • Internet & RSS feeds
  • Other third party accounts are used to ensure that the research is comprehensive

In addition, Nerac can monitor these sources and review and compile the relevant information in the form of email alerts or periodic custom briefings to keep you up to date on what’s happening in your industry.

Don’t Go It Alone — Nerac Is Your Research Partner

The availability of information in the 21st century has both enabled R&D efforts and hindered it. It is no longer an issue to find information, now the challenge is to find the right information. Without the tools and expertise to sort and analyze the large wealth of data and intelligence, it is an overwhelming task.

Nerac’s services enable clients to quickly expand their in-house technical research resources
with exceptional expertise and scalable capability. Nerac provides an attractive, cost-effective choice for clients seeking rapid response search, analysis and advisory services that require industry experience, technical research specialists, a broad reach to proprietary databases and unbiased results.

Nerac’s analysts provide authoritative information; broader, more comprehensive (higher quality) search results that are delivered in an organized manner (saving time).

More Information

Nerac clients attest to the value in partnering with us for their search and analysis services:

• Information rich and relevant reports
• Reliable, on-time and cost effective
• Access to global databases not broadly available
• Flexible, specialized searches by technical research specialists

Contact us at +1 860 872 7000 to discuss how we can help you.

When making critical decisions about your patent portfolio, your market success requires an unbiased, expert review of developments within the Intellectual Property landscape.

Nerac significantly reduces the time it takes to get your technologies patented. We accelerate your patent searches and process. We research the latest opportunities and threats in Intellectual Property before you begin the costly R&D process or enter a new market.

Our IP analysts help you with:

Patent Prior Art/FTO/Invalidity Assistance

Nerac performs exhaustive, in-depth patent reviews to determine prior art infringements and references, find and validate/invalidate prior art, and discover whether you have the freedom to operate (FTO) without infringing valid IP rights.

Intellectual Property Asset Management

Protect your critical assets with our complete IP Asset Management solutions. Get fast decision making, confident rights protection, and reliable market assessments that help your company advance.

Patent Licensing and Commercialization Services

We guide your licensing and commercialization efforts with a strategic market understanding. You get good results driven by specialized IP support that identifies key patents, potential buyers or licensees, and investment risks and benefits.

Patent Landscapes

Nerac analysts conduct patent searches and develop patent landscapes to give you the best IP leverage and protection. We identify new opportunities, assess your invention’s patentability, determine potentially limiting IP, and monitor your competition’s progress.

Patent Valuation

Accounting for your patent’s value is pivotal to your company’s success. Nerac uses IP revenue generation and research to realize the maximum value from your patent portfolio.

Business Negotiation Preparation and Support

Negotiations involving intellectual property are sensitive transactions requiring expert research and analysis. Because each transaction is unique, with each party bringing its own strategies, assets, and aspirations, we give you the best possible advantage of expert knowledge and support.

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