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Original review: March 9, 2018

CheapOair pulled a bait and switch on me, at least in my opinion. For the last two decades my wife and I have made 1-2 trips annually to Europe, this is where I grew up. Now we live near a Delta Hub, so we fly Delta every time. Not because we are partial to Delta, but because it is the easiest way to go. As always when I book a flight I do my homework and try to find the best price. Over the years I have used just about anyone. I have booked directly with Delta, or through one of the many online travel agencies, i.e. Priceline, Travelocity, etc. I have always then gone back to Delta and purchased upgrades if I wanted, changed seats if I wanted, basically anything I wanted to do as long as I was willing to pay for it.

Well, this time I decided to book with this fly by night outfit, I was without a doubt duped. Nowhere during the booking was I warned that this was a locked fare, no changes, no upgrades, no nothing. The 24 hour cancellation promise works as long as I am willing to pay $75 per ticket. So in other words, I could have made this a lot easier and just sent CheapOjoke $150 for holding my money for 2 hours. I have spent the better part of the day trying to get someone to help, but have gotten nowhere. Never again. Will be booking directly with Delta from now on.

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6. Re: CheapOair

Avoid CheapOAir at all costs! They are by far the worst booking experience I ever had. :( I'm professional Quality Assurance Analyst, and it takes a lot to irritate me and cause this review. There were a number of hidden fees ($59 for seat selection, $74 for canceling online booking within 30 mins, etc.) My reservation had multiple technical issues from minute one.

1) During reservation flow I got an error, however reservation was made.

2) I can't access my reservation after completing user registration during booking process.

3) Partial information persisted to Turkish Airlines, so I'm not able to enter my information directly with carrier.

Customer care calls were totally useless – did not resolve a single problem! So I decided to cancel and re-book with Expedia. However there were surprising $74 cancellation fee per ticket even canceling within 30 mins! :( For my every inquiry on the phone I got "impossible" reply to fix my user access, assign seats, etc. And lastly, even without extra booking fees, total cheapOAir reservation cost was about $85 higher than with Expedia, along with virtually useless customer service, located in India, and hidden fees!

P.S. 2 weeks later, i still can't access my cheapoair account online, and none of the original issues resolved :(

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