Simulation Research Paper

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  • Algorithms for Linear Stochastic Delay Differential Equations

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  • Combined Tests for Comparing Mutabilities of Two Populations

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  • Development of an Extensive Forensic Handwriting Database: Statistical Components

    Boulanger, Michèle (et al.)

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  • Bayes Factors and Maximum Entropy Distribution with Application to Bayesian Tests

    Brogini, Adriana (et al.)

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  • Monte Carlo Algorithm for Simulation of the Vehicular Traffic Flow Within the Kinetic Model with Velocity Dependent Thresholds

    Burmistrov, Aleksandr (et al.)

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  • Importance Sampling for Multi-Constraints Rare Event Probability

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  • Generating and Comparing Multivariate Ordinal Variables by Means of Permutation Tests

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  • A Method for Selection of the Optimal Bandwidth Parameter for Beran’s Nonparametric Estimator

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  • Simulating from a Family of Generalized Archimedean Copulas

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  • PS-Algorithms and Stochastic Computations

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  • Laws of Large Numbers for Random Variables with Arbitrarily Different and Finite Expectations Via Regression Method

    Fiorin, Silvano

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  • D-optimal Saturated Designs: A Simulation Study

    Fontana, Roberto (et al.)

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  • Nonparametric Testing of Saturated D-optimal Designs

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  • Potential Advantages and Disadvantages of Stratification in Methods of Randomization

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  • Additive Level Outliers in Multivariate GARCH Models

    Grané, Aurea (et al.)

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  • A Comparison of Efficient Permutation Tests for Unbalanced ANOVA in Two by Two Designs and Their Behavior Under Heteroscedasticity

    Hahn, Sonja (et al.)

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  • Likelihood-Free Simulation-Based Optimal Design: An Introduction

    Hainy, Markus (et al.)

    Pages 271-278

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  • Time Change Related to a Delayed Reflection

    Harlamov, B. P.

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  • Et tu “Brute Force”? No! A Statistically Based Approach to Catastrophe Modeling

    Johnson, Mark E. (et al.)

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  • Optimizing Local Estimates of the Monte Carlo Method for Problems of Laser Sensing of Scattering Media

    Kablukova, Evgeniya (et al.)

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  • Computer Experiment Designs via Particle Swarm Optimization

    Leatherman, Erin (et al.)

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  • Application of Nonparametric Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Composite Hypotheses in Case of Unknown Distributions of Statistics

    Lemeshko, Boris Yu. (et al.)

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  • Simulating from the Copula that Generates the Maximal Probability for a Joint Default Under Given (Inhomogeneous) Marginals

    Mai, Jan-Frederik (et al.)

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  • Optimization via Information Geometry

    Malagò, Luigi (et al.)

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  • Combined Nonparametric Tests for the Social Sciences

    Marozzi, Marco

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  • The Use of the Scalar Monte Carlo Estimators for the Optimization of the Corresponding Vector Weight Algorithms

    Medvedev, Ilya

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  • Additive Cost Modelling in Clinical Trial

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  • Mathematical Problems of Statistical Simulation of the Polarized Radiation Transfer

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  • Using a Generalized Δ 2-Distribution for Constructing Exact D-Optimal Designs

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  • Sample Size in Approximate Sequential Designs Under Several Violations of Prerequisites

    Moder, Karl

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  • Numerical Stochastic Models of Meteorological Processes and Fields

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  • Comparison of Resampling Techniques for the Non-causality Hypothesis

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  • A Review of Multilevel Modeling: Some Methodological Issues and Advances

    Roli, Giulia (et al.)

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  • On a Generalization of the Modified Gravity Model

    Santalova, Diana

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  • Bivariate Lorenz Curves Based on the Sarmanov–Lee Distribution

    Sarabia, José María (et al.)

    Pages 447-455

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  • Models with Cross-Effect of Survival Functions in the Analysis of Patients with Multiple Myeloma

    Semenova, Mariia (et al.)

    Pages 457-463

    PreviewBuy Chapter$29.95

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