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Established in 1956, UBC Sauder School of Business is the faculty at the University of British Columbia which is currently located in Vancouver on UBC’s Point Grey campus and having a secondary teaching facility at UBC Robson Square downtown. UBC Sauder is also accredited by both AACSB and EQUIS.

Being ranked among the top-notch MBA business schools in the world, UBC Sauder is always in demand and various aspirant MBA students aim high to get admission here. If you are also the one who is seeking admission in UBC Sauder Business Schools then here are some tips which help you to make your MBA application outstanding.

The admissions team at UBC Sauder School of Business expects applicants on the basis of their applications, the interview (job interview) so ultimately, you have to focus on delivery a good performance. There are many aspects which UBC Sauder considers before electing any candidates and few of them are GMAT score, Prior GPA and your current job position.

However, the most important thing is to demonstrate your full capability and your versatile ability to cope with the workload. Those who are ambitious enough to take on the various opportunities offered during the program of 16 months will be successful.

During your learning phases, you will be introduced to many career events which would be offering you opportunities for mentorship along with extracurricular activities and case competitions. So it is highly important for the students to showcase their potential and to make it realize to the selection committee through applications that you can achieve your goals easily and you are best candidate they can ever find.

UBC Sauder MBA Application Tips

Let’s start!

Essays:Essays are the significant part of your overall admission procedure. So you have to ensure that your essay and video responses answer the questions which make sense and are authentic to who you are rather than becoming someone else who’s far different from what you are.

Interview: UBC Sauder School of Business wants applicants to appear in interview comfortably and well prepared. Applicants must show that they have already done a full homework and have gone through full research about their program. They should be well rehearsed, so it’s better to do a mock preparation of the interview process. Treat this interview like a job interview.

Recommendation Letter(s): When it comes to recommendation letter, choose someone who know you very well like your best friend, colleague from your team at office and especially someone who could utter your abilities in a thoughtful manner. Don’t opt your referees on the basis of post or job title especially if a person doesn’t know you well.

CVs/Resume: You are suggested to make your resume readable by using easy words, let it be concise. Keep the length of your resume maximum by two pages. Not much than that, but try to include all mandatory things within two pages only.

Keep these things in mind and ace your UBC Sauder MBA Application



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Sauder Essays & Deadlines


Sauder Essay Review package

INR 12000 or USD 210

Sauder Deadlines

Round 1 (1 Nov 2017), Round 2 (10 Jan 2018), Round 3 (28 Feb 2018), Round 4 (2 May 2018)

Sauder Essays

Sauder Essay 1: Please prepare a standard business cover letter describing why an MBA from the Sauder School of Business is an important next step towards your short and long term career goals. Your letter should describe your experiences and accomplishments that demonstrate how you will contribute to the Sauder community. (500 words)

Answer any two of the following THREE questions:

Sauder Essay 2: From your professional or personal experience, give one or two examples that illustrate how you took a risk and solved problems through innovation. How did it work out, and what did you learn from the experience? (500 words)

Sauder Essay 3: From your professional or personal experience, give one or two examples that illustrate when you showed courage. How did it work out, and what did you learn from the experience? (500 words)

Sauder Video  Essay: What motivates you and why? Please prepare a short video (60-90 seconds) and upload it to either YouTube or Vimeo and provide the video's URL.

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